Not a Six-Figure Freelancer Yet? Let's fix that..

Learn to attract, intrigue, and close high-ticket clients
(even if you suck at freelancing, but NOT if you've never freelanced before)

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I've trained over 13,500 freelancers..
This is to go beyond.

How far will you go?

What stops you from doing whatever you want except for yourself? The answer is almost nothing. Anything you want to do is something that you can (and probably should) do because your time on this space rock is limited.

I don't believe you are ever too far gone to go another direction. At anytime, you can choose to become whatever you want to be. That's how I've been a freelance coach, paratrooper, LEGO mosaic creator, high-ticket copywriter, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, course instructor, porn star, pole dancer, and wood worker.

It's also how I hold a B.A. and an M.A. in Psychology, have more than 13,500 students and another 10,000+ subscribers. It's how I've written sales pages that sold six-figures overnight, articles with nearly half a million views, and it's why I've been featured in a lot of cool places. If I can do it, so can you.


Can't get clients to respond? Is it your mindset? Your approach? Something else? I've trained over 13,000 freelancers in my courses. Some of those people went on to become six-figure earners. I wonder if you will too...


Want to be a high-paid copywriter but don't know where to start? I like Ca$hvertising, but if you're totally broke you can start with my free Fastlane Forum copywriting thread. It's been read more than a quarter of a million times!


Need a place to hang out with freelancers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs? The Underground is a free chat server I run where you can talk about freelancing or whatever.

Upwork Coaching

Ready to go from low-class freelance warrior to freelance elite?

My Udemy freelance and Upwork courses are gone. Going forward, I'll only have 2 freelance workshops and (MAYBE) 1 course/group coaching program per year. I've built two 6-figure freelance businesses from scratch, and now I earn 5-figures per month from each client. 

So I don't have time for action-faking losers who aren't 117% serious and committed to becoming the most elite super warrior badass freelance money-making machines on the planet. If you honestly believe you are that person, then go ahead and add yourself to my program waitlist below.