This is the Very StrangeĀ  Reality of Lex DeVille

Who knows what you’ll find inside these halls.

Illicit Impulse Business Problems

What If...

…everything you think you know about the way you think things are supposed to work…is wrong?

Mindset Problems - Illicit Impulse


…it doesn’t actually matter how you engage with the world or if you succeed. Then again, maybe it does.

Life Problems - Illicit Impulse

Never Say Die.

The objective purpose of everything is survival, so you should probably try to survive, yes?

The Psycho Path

If the journey doesn’t get crazy, probably wasn’t great anyway.

The "Right" Way?

There is no “right” way. You just pick a way, then make that way work for you.

About Lex DeVille

Destroyer of fake gurus, Villain, Lex has affected the lives of millions of people around the world. He solves hard problems and draws out the ultra-defiant, ass-kicking, risk-taking, tough as nails, sharp as glass villain entrepreneur in you, and he does it fromĀ experience.