5 Article Writing Tips for Beginners – Freelance Writing (1)

5 Article Writing Tips for Beginners – Freelance Writing

New to article writing? Want some article writing tips for beginners? Cool, I’ve got 5 tips in this post that might be just the thing you need! If you’re new to article writing and you want to get up and running fast, then put these 5 article writing tips to the test!

Tip #1 – Never Take 1,000+ Word Article Jobs Unless It’s Worth It!

By “worth it” I mean in terms of pay.

A 1,000 word article will likely take you at least an hour to write, and that’s pushing the short end. Add sources, keyword research, images etc. and you can easily hit 2 or even 3 hours.

And here’s the thing…

If you’re billing $30 for a 30 minute article, then you’re effectively earning a rate of $60/hr EVEN THOUGH you’re billing a fixed-rate…

BUT if you take an hour for that $30, then you cut your profits in half. Now you’re at $30/hr. Likewise, if it takes you 2 hours to finish, then that’s just $15/hr.

At 3 hours you’re at just $10/hr!

Point is, that’s not a good place to be! So you need to take articles that are in the 300 to 700 range for lower rates, and ONLY take 1,000+ word articles when the pay is higher ($100+).

Tip #2 – Avoid Accepting Hard Topic Articles

The second tip is to avoid writing about hard topics.

As a beginner article writer, it’s tempting to take whatever you can get. The thing is, that’s a fast way to get stuck in time-consuming work you’ll hate.

Just like you don’t want to take 1,000+ word articles unless it’s worth it, you also don’t want to take hard articles. Complex topics take a lot longer to write about because you have to spend more time on research and sourcing.

Also, you usually don’t get to write in your natural voice, which slows everything down.

The best articles are short, casual, and preferably something you’re interested in.

Tip #2 – Niche Down for High Pay

One of my favorite article writing tips for beginners is to niche down.

This scares a lot of freelance writers…

It’s easy to feel like niching down will destroy you because you close off some doors to pay.

But the doors you close are replaced by doors that open…

Because niching down gives you more power to charge higher rates, and also makes it way more likely clients will pay those rates.

Clients pay higher for niche articles because it’s harder to find people who can write them from the perspective of an authority.

So instead of writing about hotels, and politics, and self-help, and fashion…

Try picking one of those.

Position yourself as an expert.

Increase your rates, and see what happens!

Chances are you’ll get MORE work at HIGHER pay than ever before.


Tip #4 – Set Minimum Article Rates & Don’t Go Lower!

My 4th beginner article writing tip is SET MINIMUMS and DON’T GO LOWER!

You don’t have to.

I mean, you can if you’re trying to get a foot in the door on Upwork, or some other freelance platform…

But it’s not worth it once you have those first gigs done.

It’s easy for people to get caught up in those $5 to $15 articles.

I see it all the time.

You get stuck there because it’s familiar.

You worry about raising your rates because you’ll get less work.

Eventually this path leads to burnout.

Then you quit.

Then your dreams go POOF!

Don’t let that be you because it’s not worth it.

Just set minimums you need to cover your ass and stick to those!

Tip #5 – Take More Work Than You Think You Can Handle!

The last article writing tip for beginners is to take on MORE work, not less.

When you start to feel like you’re pushing your limits…

You’re not.

Not even close.

The only way you’re really pushing your limits is if you’re hitting 16 plus articles a day ON YOUR OWN.

If that’s the case, then MAYBE you are.

But I doubt it.

And here’s what usually happens…

You start taking clients.

You get 2 or 3.

They send a couple articles a week.

It takes effort to get each one done, so you feel like you’re doing a lot of work.

Then you start thinking about taking more work.

More clients.

How many?

You start to worry you won’t be able to handle the workload or you’ll let people down.

But in my experience, most people can do more.

This happened to me.

A lot…

And I had to realize when I was REALLY at my limit vs. when I was only letting fear get in my way.

So take more than you think you can handle.

If you hit 16 articles per day…

And they’re at least at your minimum rates…

It’s time to scale.

Start an agency, and begin to outsource the work so you can grow your business BIGGER!


Soot & Ashes,
Lex DeVille


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