5 Tips to Get a Suspended Upwork Account Unsuspended

5 Tips to Get a Suspended Upwork Account Unsuspended

Got a suspended Upwork account? Need to get it unsuspended so you can get back to making money? It happens to people every single day. This week it even happened to me! OUTRAGEOUS! Yes, even I am not immune to a suspended Upwork account. Luckily, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that helped me get my account unsuspended in just a few short days. Read below for my 5 tips to get your suspended upwork account unsuspended, or just watch the video to get the full scoop!

Tip 1 – Don’t Get Angry!

When you first discover your suspended Upwork account, there’s a good chance you’ll be pissed! A suspended account means a lot of bad things. For instance, it could mean you can’t withdraw money, and you can’t take on new clients. Plus your profile gets hidden from search results which means new clients can’t find you.

As a result, you end up losing money. The longer your account is suspended, the harder it becomes to keep cash rolling in. Eventually, if you don’t solve the problem, you know you’ll struggle to pay your bills, or you’ll even fall behind. IT’S FRUSTRATING!!! But you must not get angry, because if you try to get unsuspended while you’re feeling angry, you will fail, and you will probably get suspended FOREVER!

So before you work on solving the problem, the first thing to do is let yourself calm down. Go for a walk. Meditate. Eat some ice cream. Do whatever the heck you gotta do to give yourself time and space before you contact Upwork (because that’s the next step). You want have a positive outlook and mindset going into this.

Tip 2 – Be Friendly with Chat Support

Most people contact chat support first. When you contact chat support, Upwork asks about your problem. You have to describe it before you ever talk to the representative. If you’re angry when you get to this point, it will likely show through your message. Instead of calmly describing the problem, you might accidentally describe it with anger. For example:

With Anger:
“Upwork suspended my account for no good reason, and you’re costing me time and money. F*cking ridiculous!”

Without Anger:
“Hi there, my Upwork account is suspended and I was hoping to find out what steps to take to resolve this. Thank you!”

Feel the difference?

One of these is clearly angry. One is not. And what you have to understand is that the ONLY people who contact Upwork chat support do so because they have a PROBLEM. Every person who contacts them has some problem they want to solve. Most of those people are ANGRY or FRUSTRATED because they have this problem, and they bring that anger and frustration to the chat.

But consider this…when a stranger you’ve never met approaches you with an angry tone, how do you respond? Someone cuts you off in traffic, how do you respond? Someone bumps into you at the club, how do you respond? When we interpret other people’s actions as “aggressive” we respond defensively which is exactly how the chat support will react (even though they may not show it). So start by writing a FRIENDLY message that ONLY addresses the issue you have.

Once the chat opens, the representative will address your issue immediately. “Hi Lex, I’m sorry your Upwork account is suspended. Let’s see how I can help you resolve this!” Notice how Upwork staff uses the SAME approach that I just told you to use above. Positive. Friendly. Focused on the issue. Once they say this, you can respond with something like, “Hi Sandeep! Thank you for helping me. I hope your day is going well!”

Here’s the actual conversation about my suspended account…

– Keep all communications positive
– Be friendly
– Focus on the issue

Tip 3 – Be Friendly with Advanced Support

Pretty much all the same stuff applies if you end up being forwarded to advanced support. In this case you’ll have a ticket opened (you probably already have one anyway if your account is suspended). Upwork’s advanced support team will send you a message about the suspension, why it occurred, and what steps have to happen to resolve it.

Here’s the actual message Upwork sent to me.

Suspended Upwork Account

Again you will want to respond in a friendly, positive way. Repeat the issue back to them as they described it to show you understand. Be sure to respond to their messages in a timely manner, even if they don’t give you the same courtesy.Click here if you want to read my responses to the Advanced Support Ticket.

The best way to get Upwork on YOUR SIDE and to get your suspended Upwork account unsuspended, is to basically be someone who doesn’t suck. Friends are way more likely to help each other out. If Upwork is my friend, they will help me. That’s my theory…

Tip 4 – Stay Focused on the Issue and Resolution

Except for positivity and good vibes, you mainly want to focus on the issue when talking with any Upwork support staff. If they contacted you, be sure to repeat the problem back to them. Also acknowledge any Terms of Service violations. Make it clear that you want to take any necessary steps to ensure you continue to comply with Upwork’s terms. Let them know you will take such actions quickly.

Tip 5 – Follow Up with a Little Nudge

Upwork support can be kind of slow. When my account got suspended, I replied to their initial message within 10 minutes or so. They didn’t respond again to me for two days. After that I sent a second message as a little nudge.

Basically, I just asked if there was anything else I needed to do to resolve my account. Then I mentioned the fact that I have work in progress that I didn’t want to deliver, and freelancers with milestones that I don’t want to fund while my account is in suspended status.

The idea here is to let Upwork know you are someone of value. You are someone who makes them money. The longer your account is suspended, the less work you can do, and the less clients can pay you. The longer your account is suspended, the less money you can spend on your freelancers. All of this leads to a single logical conclusion for Upwork… the longer this guy is suspended, the more money we lose!

As a chat support agent for a publicly traded company where shareholders have a big say in operations…it wouldn’t be wise to keep money makers from making money too long (if they like their job and don’t want to lose it). Again, that’s just my opinion.

Final Thoughts?

Getting your suspended Upwork Account resolved really isn’t that hard. As long as you haven’t received a permanent suspension, then all you really gotta do is:

– Avoid Anger
– Be Friendly
– Focus on the issue
– Respond quickly
– Be clear you want to comply
– Follow up
– Show you are a friendly valuable freelancer

If you can do those things, you stand a chance at getting your Upwork account unsuspended. Now that you know the secret…go forth and give it a try!