Great copy is fire. Three elements required. Fuel. Heat. Oxygen. Miss any component, you better bundle up. Gonna be a cold night. 

To become an elite copywriter you must learn to control the elements. Empathy. Salesmanship. Stories. 

You don't have to be a genius.

Hell, you don't even have to write that well. But you do gotta own the elements.

To spark a thought as an arsonist of action, become an alchemist of fire. A psychologist of people. An esquire of the written word.

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About Lex DeVille

My mission is to help you become one of the best damn
digital copywriters in existence.

For more than a decade I've practiced the persuasive arts. Tested them in the field to discover what works. I've pissed people off. Told people off. Threw money in their faces to see how they'd respond.

I've gone from no experience and no portfolio to earning $100.00 an hour clients in less than a month. Built a six-figure copywriting business from scratch. Worked with the world's elites - millionaires, celebrities, Fortune 100 companies, even startups on Shark Tank. 

Not only that, but I've taught 1000's of people to write for pay. Many applied their training to break the chains of corporate prison, escape the 9-5, and build a life worth living. Some of my students even became six-figure earners themselves.

Over the past five years, some really cool shit happened:

  • Earned legendary status on one of the world's largest entrepreneur forums.
  • Enjoyed the highest-level masterminds, and trained under exclusive mentors.
  • Met my original inspiration (Ash Ambirge) live through a private group.
  • Bought a $10,000 deluxe home studio and turned it into a cave of copy wonders.

Also... I'm dad to a demon baby, husband to a super hot wife, and slave to 3 bastard cats who terrorize my Okie home 24 hours a night.

From Failed Publishing Company to
Six-Figure Copywriter

A lot of gurus put their "rags to riches" story here. Talk about their poor immigrant past, how they went from nothing to something as multi-millionaires. Well, my story isn't like that...

I come from a different world. 

Middle-class family. High school graduate. Sergeant in the United States Army. And I was never what you'd call "poor." Just a normal kid who read a little Carnegie, struck an interest in psychology. And once that match was lit, once I tasted the power of persuasive linguistics...

...my life changed forever. 

It started with a failed publishing company. The business grew fast, but not the way I wanted, so I shut 'er down. Got back to my roots - writing. Only this time it wasn't books.

Instead, I applied skills in influence and persuasion. NLP. Hypnosis. Personality Profiling. In just 2 weeks I earned my first $1000 with sales copy. By the end of a month I had multiple $100.00 an hour clients.


But I did have 10 years of practicing dark psychology.
And several years crafting romance short stories. 

Basically I was a mechanic's toolbox dream. As soon as all that training - training with 10th Special Forces Group, training as an NLP Master Practitioner, training in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy - was applied to the art of copy, my clients crushed it with sales.

Since 2014 I've put words to page for some of the most credible clients in the world. I write copy for millionaire coaches, celebrities, Fortune 100 companies, and even startups on Shark Tank. 

I've written articles that pulled nearly half a million views. Sales pages that generated five figures overnight. Became a legendary contributor on one of the world's largest entrepreneur forums, and gained international notoriety and publicity.

Today I write copy.
I teach copy.

I eat, sleep, and fucking breathe copy. And if you want to become one of the world's best copywriters just like me...and you want to do it without handwriting outdated ads for 10 years...

...then prove it. Take your first step and join me. 

Global Freelance Copywriting Authority

They say those who can't do, teach. For most coaches that's 100% true. But I teach and sell and write to stay relevant, so what's their excuse?

This isn't one of those sell you stuff I've never done kind of things. I don't teach anything that isn't from direct personal experience. When you work with me, you won't learn to write like Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz, or Ogilvy.

As my student, you'll find your own voice. Craft your own style. You won't be restrained by fossil methods aimed at offline ads. You'll discover how to get real results right NOW and you'll never rely on guru marketers again.

You're close to entering a world of exceptional copywriters. People who write their own paychecks and make their own paths. If you stick around, maybe ​you can too.

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Helping the Next Generation of
Wordsmith Masterminds

Since 2015, Lex has coached, mentored, and advised 1,000's of copywriters and digital marketers to break their limits as true masters of written sales communications. 

Lex's students span the globe and have earned millions combined. From total amateurs to seasoned writers, some of his mentees have earned as much as $20,000 per month. Unlike traditionally trained copywriters, Lex's students go beyond tactics. Each member is taught to become an elite copywriter and also how to manage projects, negotiate with clients, earn high-ticket sales, and create premium brands.

All of this is positioned within the framework of a modern digital environment. No outdated tactics. No handwriting ads. Instead, Lex's students learn to apply influence and persuasion, NLP, hypnotherapy, and even personality profiling to copy. They get direct practical experience as freelance contractors, and build a portfolio of creative works to share with future clients.

To train the best copywriters in the world, Lex offers 2 flagship programs: Riotmaker - the 6 month copywriter trainup to help you go from zero to full-time income in 6 months or less. And Notorious - an intense 12 month Premium Mentorship for those who want to cross the Six-Figure Mark. 

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