If you can find the courage to step off of the well-trodden path, you may discover nothing is what it seems, and things are very different from how you always understood them to be.

So you want to know about me. You're searching for answers. Am I the one to help you? Maybe. Maybe not. My personality isn't right for everyone, and you shouldn't hire someone just because they can perform a skill.

If you truly want to know about me, keep reading. But beware, you are in my world now. It is nothing like the world you're used to. I walk a different path and I am not afraid to be the person reality has opened the doors for me to be.

About Lex DeVille

Author. Narrator. Entrepreneur.

Since 2011 I've swam through the deepest parts of the ocean alone. It started when I quit my debt collections job to become an entrepreneur. I had no experience and nobody to turn to. But I refused to exist even one more day as a corporate slave. So I quit and never looked back.

Since then I've had ups and downs. Tried various ideas. Failed more times than I can count. But sometimes things worked out. I made money publishing, selling art, writing copy, and even as a voice actor. Today I use a combination of all of those skills to support and sustain myself and my family.

Over the years I've worked closely with millionaires, creative brands, and even startups on Shark Tank. I've trained thousands of people to write for pay, gained notoriety and publicity online, and even became certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Personality Profiling. I also have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.


Consider contacting me if you need someone to help you with taboo or unique projects that others shy away from.

I don't work with everyone who messages me. That would be impossible. But I do work with a select few people who have interesting projects. Here are the areas I may be able to help you with:

- Audiobook Narration
- Erotica or Romance Ghostwriting
- Story-driven Marketing Copy
- Laser Engraved Projects

Those are the areas I'm currently helping people in. I am no longer taking copywriting students because I don't feel like teaching anymore. But if you need help with one of the items mentioned above, go ahead and contact me.

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