Brand Smell

​​If your brand had a smell, what would it be?

Could you touch it? Taste it? Smell it with words? What would it smell like? The aroma of your brand…would it smell like roses or wine? Would it smell like cheese? How ‘bout red velvet cake with chocolate frosting? Curious, don’t you think?

But really, if you own a business, it’s a Q you gotta ask. Because your brand smells like something – tart cherries or ass. And you’re not the one who smells it most of the time. Usually it’s me. Or somebody else. In any case, it’s always somebody interacting with your brand.

We encounter you on the web or in the store, wherever you are. And we judge you, everything about you. First impressions are everything, but you know that. But how does your brand smell to the people you want to sell? You need to know, because you don’t wanna be the guy in the office who got that stank and ur the only one who don’t know it. Make sense?

All brands have a smell.
Does your brand smell stale?

You can choose how your brand smells. You can do it by design, and it starts with your pictures, colors, and your choice to rhyme or not to rhyme. But seriously, let’s talk words, because you know words create pictures inside the mind…

…and words create smells too.

Just like the smells I already described to you. How does an onion smell? Pizza? Armpit? Beef stew? Words create smells and you can smell them because smells aren’t what words create at all. Words trigger memories. And you create memories in your mind of smells from once upon a time.

And what’s really crazy is a word doesn’t even have to have a smell to form its stench inside your mind. Combinations of words give you “vibes” and your mind interprets those vibes in certain ways. But you can’t put your finger on it because it’s f*cking chaos.

Emotions. Memories. Dirty f*cking chaos…
It’s not conscious chaos.

People don’t quite know. If you ask them, they can’t tell you. It’s just a vibe. It’s this feeling they get that something’s not quite right. And that little tiny something can erase your brand from their mind just like eraser pens erase stains from t-shirts.

So how do you form the right smell? The right aroma? How do you trigger subconscious memories that don’t send ‘em running for the hills?

The answer is…you don’t.

Just like you don’t paint a Picasso and you don’t pilot a rocket ship and you don’t triple backflip on the edge of a skyscraper…you also don’t craft your own copy and hope to conjure up the right brand smells in your customer’s mind.

Think on it.
Then contact me…

…unless your brand is meant to smell like sh*t.

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