You get better faster when you know EXACTLY what to improve

Have you ever reviewed your old copy?

How did it read? Was it good? Did you find mistakes? What about areas you could've improved? If you were to write it again, how would things change? What would you do different?

When you're in the moment...when you put those words on the page, it's easy to think you've written something amazing. But later, when you're better, you look back over that piece and you see it through entirely new eyes - the eyes of experience. Then you say, "ouch, that sucked...look at all this stuff I could've done better."

So how do you know if your copy sucks right now? You don't have time to wait for experience. You need to be aware of your fail points so you can start to fix them and get better results, and that's what this is about.

In the past I coached copywriters. People paid upwards of $3,000 to learn from me. After a while I started to think about what they were really buying. Was it the training? The teaching? Or did they just want to get a credible opinion on their writing?

Most of my students say they get the best value from our direct feedback sessions. They write copy, send it to me in a Google Doc and I add comments on every single line to show them how to make that piece better. How to improve the writing and storytelling. How to speed things up or slow them down. Which persuasive tactics make sense. Which words plant the right or wrong ideas...stuff like that.

The best improvements come from seeing the changes in your copy in the moment. When you can read what you wrote and then read it from a new perspective (my perspective) then you can directly experience the difference for yourself.

Then it's not just me telling you, but you living it, and when you live it, you can start to adapt those changes into your mind. Through the power of body memory, as you make the corrections and think about how things can change, you can quickly become competent in these new skills, approaches, and ideas.

If that's something you're interested in, then this is for you.

What Do I Get?

  • Line-by-line direct copy feedback to help you grow blazing fast
  • Powerful persuasive techniques based on your desired copy goal
  • Avoid planting ideas that turn people off and scare them away
  • Learn and improve through experience and action not studying
  • Send 4 pieces of copy (even if it's client work) for my review

When you work with me you will discover things about your writing that you never imagined. You will have "aha" moments when you see how and why things can change. Finally, you will grow faster and get better results because you will form body memory through practice and action that helps you retain more of what you learn so you can apply it to other pieces later on.

This isn't for everyone though. 

Before joining this program you should already know what copywriting is. You should be prepared to get real, honest feedback on your writing. AND you need to be someone who will apply that feedback and use it to improve.  Finally, you need to be someone who already knows why you want to work with me because unlike other sham copywriters, I don't fill my pages with maybe real maybe fake social proof to try and sell you.

If you want to get better fast, this is a good way to start. To have me personally review 4 pieces of copy, no matter what it is, it's just one payment of $497. Click below when you're ready to order.

After you checkout you'll be re-directed to a form so we can start working together.