Copywriter Coaching

Train 1 on 1 with Lex DeVille to improve your copy, attract clients, and grow your sales (even if you started 5 minutes ago and don't know wtf you're doing...)

Become a well-paid copywriter...

When I started piano, I took a course, thought I was pretty good. Then I enrolled in 1:1 lessons. Just one lesson taught me how much self-learning held me back.

Copywriting is the same. You can learn fast or slow. You can self-study for years, or you can get live training to help you go fast. That's what this is...

As your coach, I'll show you the ropes of a copywriting business. Each week we'll work closely together on specific areas like copywriting, branding, positioning, client attraction, systems, mindset, (even sales role play). Ultimately, the goal is to turn you into a razor-sharp copywriter who commands the highest possible rates.

Coaching sessions are 30 minutes once per week over Zoom. All copywriting reviews take place through Google Docs. At the start of each session, I'll review your work from the previous week, guide you on improvements, and provide the next week's assignment. 

Coaching is $150 per session billed monthly. Your first session is a $50 tryout to ensure this is a good fit for you. If you continue with coaching after that, the $50 comes out of your first month's total. For your tryout, you will need to share an example of your copywriting so I can get a feel for your current level. I'll also ask about your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and make recommendations about where to start.

Sessions are scheduled first-come-first-served. If that makes sense for you, book a tryout below.

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