The Ultimate Upwork Business

This course is Lex's newest and greatest Upwork course. The course is designed to contain everything a freelancer needs to start and grow a freelance business on Upwork without enrolling in 10 different courses. This course offers lifetime access for a single installment.

Legacy Courses

The legacy courses are my past Upwork trainings from between 2017 and early 2022. The material is dated compared with the courses above, and it isn't streamlined to give you the best of the best of what works right now. That said, the material is still useful and valuable and if you're on a budget, these courses might be right for you. If you can afford it, then I highly recommend the newer courses.

Advanced Upwork Proposals I

Advanced Upwork Proposals II

Advanced Upwork Profiles I

Upwork Profiles 2.0

Advanced Upwork Profiles II

Advanced Upwork Interviews

Get Approved on Upwork

Get Approved on Upwork

Going Beyond Upwork

Upwork Client Psychology

Upwork Client Psychology

Freelance Mindset

Powerful Freelance Mindset

Start a Freelance Business

Difficult Clients

Difficult Freelance Clients

Freelance Collections

Freelance Article Writing

Freelance Article Writing

Start a Freelance Business

Start a Udemy Business

Due Diligence & Fake Gurus

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