Defeat the Demons You Don't Know Exist

Don't Let Fear & Ego Make You Their B*tch

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Yo...The mind really can trick us into thinking we're making progress by taking action. But really what we need is useful action. I struggled with this for a long time. 

It wasn't until I listened to what others were saying that the truth came out.

All progress is progress, and all of it can teach us something. But that doesn't mean it gets us closer to our goals. It's hard as hell to step back and ask the question, but if you want to move forward you have to know for sure. 

Is what I'm doing actually working? 
Is it really moving me forward?
Or is it just busy work? 
Is it making real progress? 
Or is it rooted in ego & fear?

Ego & Fear - The Undercover Demons

Two things make it incredibly hard to see the mistakes we're making.

1. Our Ego - The Mind's Master

When we put a lot of time, effort, and money into a thing, it's only natural to think you're making progress. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. Finding out requires challenging your ego.

To make matters worse, it's damn near impossible to do it alone. When you're knee deep in a project, your perspective is blurred. So, to get a serious reality check, you need a third-party opinion.

This is why I always consider feedback from others, even when I hate it.
 (I almost always hate it.)

Usually the feedback goes something like this, "Dude, are you retarded? You're not making any money. You're giving up all your time. You're wasting money on stuff that doesn't matter. This project doesn't even have a clear outcome. How the f*ck will you know when you've achieved your goal?"

The first instinct is to defend your position. It's human nature to protect the ego. But success isn't attached to your ego. Success doesn't give a sh*t about your pitiful little feelings. 

If you want success,  acknowledge that you are not your ego.

Make a habit of ignoring everything you think you know. Everything that screams, rips, and tears at your heart and stomach. That voice that tells the world to f*ck off! This is the one time you have to ignore it.

Because if you can't ignore that voice, then you can't allow yourself to test other perspectives. If you don't make a habit of restraining the ego, then you will miss opportunities for real growth and progress.

But, for the few (and I mean THE FEW) who are able to overcome the ego, even just for a will experience a shift in mindset that changes everything. You can make real progress, because you can test the truth, and know for sure.

Everyone Else Falls By The Wayside

You don't have to. Just acknowledge that you are not your ego. Your ego isn't "yours". Your ego is just "the ego". It's separate from you. Choose to use it on your terms, or it'll make you it's bitch.

If you don't agree that's fine. But you better consider what I'm saying, because you can't afford to be wrong.

2. Fear That Binds Controls Our Minds

Fear fuels the ego. It powers the part of you that holds you back. Most of the time, you don't even recognize it. You don't know you're experiencing fear until you've crashed and burned.

It comes in many forms. Like when you get your first MOQ quote for $1,000 on a sample of 10 units from China. You know... when your heart sinks deep into the pit of your stomach, and you wonder, how do I know if it's worth it?

There's also a secondary fear. It's more subtle. It's hidden. It's the mental chatter that follows the physical sensation.

Maybe you've experienced it.
  • "That's way too much. I can't afford it."
  • "I'll have to wait until I earn more money."
  • "If it costs that much for a sample, I'll never afford the MOQ."
  • "What if I order it and it doesn't sell?
  • "I should keep searching for other products."
  • "I should see what the guys on the forum say."
  • "I should read more about importing before pulling the trigger."
This is what excuses and procrastination look like. They're founded in fear. Even when your mind doesn't carry on about it, you still feel it. You still feel that dark cloud hovering just over your path.

This is why you have to consider feedback from others. Fear clouds your judgment. Ego clouds your judgment. Most of the time you don't recognize them because you're front & center on the business battlefield, knee deep in chaos.

For some excuses are vibrantly obvious. People who take a bird's eye view. They see things from 14,000 feet. That means they can give you super valuable feedback that keeps you moving forward.

But unlike dealing with the ego, there's an extra step with fear. If you want to defeat fear you'll need more than an open mind. 

To defeat fear you have to take action. You have to put foot to ass, and actually do the sh*t that needs done.

It's one thing to acknowledge fear. It's a whole different game to confront it. You gotta have balls. Yep, even girls. You gotta have grit. You gotta do what you gotta do, and there's no way around it.

If you wanna make money copywriting, you gotta apply to gigs & deliver.
If you wanna make money importing, you gotta order samples & MOQs.
If you wanna sell B2B you gotta pick up the phone and call people.
If you wanna sell expensive seminars, you gotta talk to others in person.

Learning is fine. Read & learn. Teach & learn. Practice & learn.

But when push comes to shove, you either confront the fear, or become fear's bitch.

In the words of Tallahassee"It's time to nut up or shut up."

Rule fear and ego, or be ruled. There is no in between. Everything else is action faking.

If You're Still Breathing, You're Still Alive.

Whatever your fear is. Whatever holds you back. It's time to confront it. If you don't know what's holding you back, then talk to someone. Ask for an outside opinion. It's the only way to know for sure.

Once You Know, Then Let It Go.

None of this stuff is scary. None of it will kill you. 

Who f*cking cares if you sound like a moron on the phone. It's you and one other person who either buys your product, or forgets you as soon as they hang up. Either way it's not the end of the world.

Who cares if you blow $1,000 on sh*tty samples. You never leave with nothing. You get experience and confidence. (Maybe even a nice sample of foot cleansers or glass dildos if you're like me...)

Who cares if your copy sucks. Let them bitch about it. Give their money back. Then consider their feedback, and thank god you can finally move forward. You have to know your weak points to make them stronger.

Consider Feedback.
Control the Ego.
Confront Fears.

Defeat your demons and conquer the world.

We can talk about tactics 24/7. You can read every book on the market. But if you don't use the knowledge, your life won't change.

What fear will you confront today? What useful action will you take?

Just Do It.

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