Empty Soul, Lonely Road

How long will I travel this lonely road? It’s quiet and cold. Narrow and dark. I walk so slow down this old cold road.

I’ve walked this road so many times before. Know it by memory. Shadows dance around me. Old friends who never part. So sad. So sad. But they never leave my side. Purple and black. They own my heart.

The struggle is real.

I fight tooth and nail. The gnashing of fangs and claws never stops. We kick and we swim but the ocean is sand and we never can rise to the top.

Spin the bottle round and round, try to melt into the ground. You and I go round and round and never spill a drop. But can’t enjoy the booze we have because you let it rot.

A kiss in the dark can last forever.
A love in the dark the sun can sever.

Never say never.
Never say never.

The sapling grew into a tree. I clang to that tree’s branches. But the tree never clang back. It cast its shadows over my face and withered with time. It never was mine.

Now I look upon that tree and wonder how can it be that it can’t see me? Isn’t it alive? Does it have a soul? Why won’t it know? Why don’t it know? How long will I travel this cold lonely road?

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