Top 3 Freelance Proposal Writing Tips for Beginners

Top 3 Freelance Proposal Writing Tips for Beginners

Struggling to get responses from freelance clients? If you send tons of proposals every day and you’ve got nothing to show for it, then maybe these freelance proposal writing tips will help! Today I’ll share my best 3 freelance proposal writing thoughts for beginners.

Start with Anything But “I,” “Me,” or “My”

The NUMBER 1 mistake is starting your proposal with ANYTHING about yourself.

Don’t do it!

It’s the single fastest way to get skipped.


Because it’s how EVERY other freelance starts.

And the problem is, it instantly proves all of the following to clients:

  • You’re no different from the others
  • You don’t think outside of the box
  • You put yourself before the client


All of that happens when you talk about yourself first.

And it makes you blend it, not stand out.

Let me show you an example from my personal client account:

(click to enlarge)
Freelance Proposal Writing Tips for Beginners

See anything?

Every single one of those freelancers talks about their self before anything else.

That’s a BIG problem for me.

Because it tells me they’re more worried about their own qualifications and making money, than helping me accomplish what I’m trying to do.

The funny thing is, what I’m trying to do is the ONLY thing I care about!

So if you write about yourself first…

You’re done.

Instead, what you need to do is write about ANYTHING else besides yourself at the start.

You can start by talking about the client…

Or their job…

Or the sun, moon and stars…

Basically, anything as long as it isn’t about yourself.

And by doing this, you will AUTOMATICALLY stand out from all of the other freelancers.

Repeat the Client’s Own Words Back to Them

The second tip is just to feed clients their own words.


Because it shows them you actually read their job post.

A job post they spent time and effort on…

A post they feel pride in.

By feeding their words back to them, you start to establish a sense of connection.

You are mirroring them.

In other words…

The two of you are alike in some way.

It’s subtle, and subliminal persuasion.

And it’s powerful.

So in your proposal, one of the first things you should do is repeat their own words back to them.

If they say, “I’m looking for a Social Media Manager for my toy business.”

You should say, “You’re looking for a Social Media Manager for your toy business.”

You don’t have to do it word for word like that…

But repeat what they said.

Just do it.

It freaking works and it works really well.

Add Relevant Credibility

The final tip is about credibility.

Everyone has credibility in different ways.

Degrees, years of experience, number of sales, celebrities you’ve worked with etc.

While you don’t want to start with your degree or experience, you DO want to add them as credibility markers IF they are relevant to the job.

As a copywriter, a degree in Psychology can be a relevant credibility marker.

As a web designer, 10 years experience with a web agency is relevant.

As a Virtual Assistant, a degree in music composition doesn’t mean a damn thing!

So DO list RELEVANT credibility markers.

Not at the start.

But sprinkle them in here and there.

  • Degree
  • Experience
  • Feedback or Reviews
  • Clients you’ve worked with
  • Celebrities who endorse you
  • Big numbers you’ve achieved

Clients need proof that you are a credible and competent freelancer.

Credibility builds authority.

So it accomplishes all of the above and makes you stand out even more…

But only when it’s relevant.

And when you do it right.

Ready to Get More Freelance Proposal Writing Responses?


Start applying these tips RIGHT NOW!

Don’t send another template spam proposal.

Use what you’ve learned in this article, and go out there and make it happen.

And if you want to go deeper with proposals, you can Join my Advanced Freelance Proposal Writing Course Here at an awesome discount!

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