How Many Upwork Proposals Should You Send Per Day_

How Many Upwork Proposals Should You Send Per Day?

You’re on Upwork and you send a lot of proposals. But is it enough or do you send too many? How many Upwork proposals should you send per day?

Here’s my answer..

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A lot of people want to know how many Upwork proposals you should send per day. Though my answer is always the same, I’m not sure it resonates with everyone.


If you didn’t watch the video, here is what I said:

Send 1 to 3 Upwork Proposals Per Day

There’s no reason to send more than 1 to 3 proposals per day and here’s why:

  1. There’s no way you’re finding that many perfect clients
  2. The more proposals you send the more corners you cut
  3. The more proposals you send the lower the quality

Forget the time commitment.

If you’re sending four or more proposals per day, then you’re not applying to clients who are an exact right fit for you. There’s no way.

And the thing is, you should ONLY apply to clients who are an exact right fit because those clients will make you the most money.

When you find clients who are an exact right fit for you, then you won’t need to send a bunch of proposals per day because you’ll say the exact right things for that client.

It’s a natural process.

So if you’re sending more than three Upwork proposals per day it tells me you’re bobbing for apples. You stick your face in the water and open your mouth hoping to catch something in your teeth.

Makes life hard..

Here’s How Many Proposals I Send Per Day


Most of the time I don’t send any proposals per day.


Because there’s rarely clients I want to work with. They’re not an exact right fit. So I don’t apply.

Sometimes it takes a whole month to find the right client..

But when you find them..

That client who is an exact right fit is worth wayyyyyy more to you than one-off clients.

They’re a fit..

They want what you have.

You can help them.

They’re easy to work with.

They have lots of money.

They want to spend that money.

Think about it!

An exact right client could be worth $1000, $3000, $5000, even $10000 per month.

When you find them, you don’t need other clients that bad.

That one single client can hold you over.

That’s why you wait for them.

That’s why you search for the EXACT RIGHT CLIENT.

That’s what I do.

Do whatever you want, but if you want to make a lot of money you should wait.

Send proposals only when it’s a perfect match.

Or send 1 to 3 per day..

Whatever floats your boat.

Just know that clients who aren’t an exact right match tend to not be a great match at all.

That’s my opinion..

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