How to Succeed as a Freelancer in 2019…

How to Succeed as a Freelancer in 2019…

I was thinking about freelancing and how it has changed over the years. A lot of things are different from how they used to be. From the platforms, to the approaches, in just 6 short years I’ve seen an entire industry transform completely. So I wanted to ponder a question people are probably asking right now. What does it take to succeed as a freelancer in 2019?

A Freelancer in 2019 is the Same as a Freelancer in 2014

You can watch the video above or you can keep reading if you want. This post won’t take long either way, because despite the fact that the platforms have changed, Upwork went public, and more and more freelancers flood the market every day…the same old “create value, make money” approach still works as well as it did years ago.

You’d think after all those years, and after the thousands of blog posts and courses and forums and interviews…you’d think new freelancers would dive in ready to win. But I still freelance regularly. I still use Upwork and work with clients outside of Upwork, and I speak from a first-hand, battlefield perspective when I tell you things haven’t changed.

There are still hundreds of thousands of low-quality, ME-Focused freelancers making the same old mistakes. Still sending crap proposals and pitching their experience and education as if people actually give a shit. And guess what…clients still don’t care about ANY of that. Not until you first prove you care about them, and you’re there to help them.

So What Actually Has Changed?

For one, there are wayyyy more people freelancing now than there were six years ago. Like, millions more. So it’s getting more packed. There’s more “competition” you could say, but I find it’s still pretty easy to beat most people out for gigs. The reality is most people suck. They’re lazy and selfish and they just want to make money without all the hard work.

So for those who come prepared…ready to show up with a positive attitude, and ready to go above and beyond to help their clients and put in the effort to prove that they are a valuable freelancer worth working with…those people will continue to crush everyone else just like they always have, and that’s all I have to say about that.

And What If You Don’t Know How to Be Valuable?

Undoubtedly, not everyone reading this post is familiar with the value mindset. Not everyone knows how to create value, or really help people. If you think that might be you, then I would encourage you to grab your mouse, slide your wrist to the left, and click on that button over there that says, “Start Here.”

Soot & Ashes,
Lex DeVille