Just Because You Change Your Mind Doesn't Mean You Don't Have Focus

Just Because You Change Your Mind Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have Focus

Ever had someone call you unfocused?

I have.

People think because I start or end things a lot that it means I don’t have focus.

But here’s some food for thought…

If you want to make $100 this week you might launch a video course. Maybe it makes $20. You can promote that course for more or you can just take that $20 and also sell a pair of shoes on craigslist.

You choose the shoes and they sell for $10. Now you can sell more shoes on craigslist or you can switch to freelancing and write an article. That article brings $30. You can write more $30 articles or you can illustrate a children’s book for $40.

From an outsider’s perspective, you will seem scattered. Unfocused. Always changing your mind…

But at the end of the week you will have $100!

So they can STFU!

Focus is about getting the results you want. That’s what I believe. You have to know the end result. Know where you are going. As long as you focus on that place, and as long as you keep moving toward that end-game…

Then it doesn’t fucking matter how you get there.

Just because you change your mind doesn’t mean you don’t have focus.

Lex out.

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