I'll Never Publish Here:

Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, NY Post, Inc., CNN, MSNBC, Mind Body Green, Fatherly, The American Psychological Association, The View

Things I Can't Stand:

Fakeness, Fake Gurus, Victims, Whiners, Action-Fakers, People Who Ask for Handouts, Death, Cancer, People Who Identify as "Cancer," Not Chasing Dreams, Not Taking Risks


Freelancing, Copywriting, Personal World Domination.

Favorite "Influencers"

Ash Ambirge, Andy Black, MJ DeMarco, Rob O'Rourke, Kyle Keegan, Joe Rogan, Emosh Donut Operator, Andre Antunes, JP Sears

Favorite Artists

Lana Del Rey, Marina Diamandis, Melanie Martinez, Aurora, G-Eazy, Cat Powers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mazzy Star, The Xx, Jazmin Bean, Eminem, Staind, Stoned Sour, Honey Gentry

Summer Bummer, Blue Jeans, Mad Hatter, Power & Control, Gangsta, Heartbreaker, Carousel, Runaway, Running with the Wolves, Me Myself & I, Summertime Sadness, Carmen, I Am Not a Robot, Fade Into You, Mr. Potato Head, Rap God, Him & I, Sweater Weather, Through the Glass, Aphrodite


I'm Lex DeVille. My favorite color is darkness

Reclusive black widower. Highly unrelatable. I like villains, writing, psychology and music.

You probably won't *get* me.

That's okay.

You don't have to relate to learn from my journey as an entrepreneur, freelancer, villain, and copywriter.

If you're carving an unconventional path through life, you might be in the right place.


Your time on this space rock is limited. Whatever you dream of doing, you should start right now.

Every day people let fear keep them from the life they wish they had. It's very sad. I'll never let that be me.

When I feel fear, I run toward it, because that fear is almost always unjustified and the payoff is almost always worth it.

You can probably have the life you dream of BUT...there will be choices, risks, sacrifices, and failures before you get it (and you may not ever get it).

Nothing is guaranteed except that if you never try, you will never know.

Villain valueS

  • Family & Survival
  • Ride-or-Die Loyalty
  • Common Sense
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Self-Awareness
  • Art & Music
  • Problem-Solving
  • Action-Taking
  • Dream-Chasing
  • Mental & Physical Toughness
  • Drama & Chaos
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal World Domination

why i changed my name

Lex DeVille is not my birth name. I didn't like my birth name. It was boring. Lacked personality. As a child I promised to change my name when I got older.

In 2012, I made good on my promise. Came up with a name that embodied the essence of my identity - a name associated with villains, darkness, and life's greatest masterminds. Formalized it legally.

Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

The psychology of linguistics is so strange. To think that something as simple as a name could change everything, and yet, here you are, reading my website, and I am not reading yours.

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