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As an entrepreneur, I build businesses. My income is from several sources... Freelancing, courses, ad revenue, audiobook royalties, paid email lists, affiliate sales, laser engraving, ebook sales, flipping, and other stuff.

This private list isn't a course or anything like that. It's just for those who want to know what I'm working on right now.

Inside, I share updates (usually weekly) about ideas I try, and my approach to business as I figure it out. I share things learned and amounts earned (or spent) so you can decide if a business idea is worth it for you.

For example, I just spent $1,700 on a course to learn how to build something that will sell for $2,000+. It's an offline business, and I have ZERO experience.

There's a high chance of failure, and I already invested over $20,000 to get this business started, but when I succeed, it will be a seven-figure income. I'm sharing all about that inside.

So there's no big pitch. If you want my updates then join below.

It's $10 per month.
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