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Break the chains that bind your mind to build a freelance empire.

Short Bio

Lex DeVille is nothing anyone thinks he is. But some of the things he has done include porn, freelancing, copywriting, selling mosaics made from LEGO, selling weapons concealments, selling courses, narrating gay werewolf romance audiobooks, and generally being considered either a genius or out of his fucking mind.

Lex's Core Topics

  • How to not give a fuck what other people think
  • Starting businesses from scratch with nothing
  • Takings insane risks for epic rewards
  • Building passive income businesses
  • Living however the fuck you want by design

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Lex Full Bio

Lex DeVille is either pure genius or impossibly insane. But there are a few things that are definitely true about him. First, he's trained tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, copywriters, and freelancers in the art of escaping corporate prison and building evil empires. He's also built a YouTube channel of roughly 10,000 subscribers, and is an instructor in 15+ Udemy courses with over 10,000 students.

Lex is not a guru or coach. He's an entrepreneur whose entire business is built around the idea of doing whatever you want in life as long as you accept the consequences and outcomes of the choices you make.

Most of Lex's business pursuits involve semi-passive income systems. Some of his businesses have included LEGO Mosaics, Gun Concealments, Freelance Copywriting, Porn and other Adult Industry Products, Audiobooks, Ebooks, Courses, Paid Email Newsletters, Hypnotherapy Programs, and other digital products and services.

Lex has been featured on the Fastlane Forum, Kill Bigger Radio Show, Ash Ambirge's Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends, Military Spouse, Next Gen Mil Spouse, The Joplin Globe, Udemy, and a bunch of other places. 

Lex is a U.S. Army and Army National Guard Veteran who served as a Paratrooper, Logistician, and Engineer. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Psychology. Currently, Lex can be found teaching others to burn bridges and how not give a fuck what anyone else thinks of their life's path as long as they are satisfied with it.

You can reach Lex by emailing him anytime..