My Next Big Project!

My Next Big Project..

Two years ago I started learning to play electronic keyboard. I made progress. Got to where I could play some popular songs. But then our baby came and it all got put on hold. Here we are, two years later, and I still have that music bug.

I’m super sound sensitive (Misophonia) so two years of baby screams nearly killed me (literally). Now it’s time to balance the scales by creating something pleasant for my ears.

But I don’t like to do things just for passion. I want to make money with them too. That way even if I hate doing it later on, at least it’s a valuable skill.

So this year I’ll learn to make electronic music with the intent to:

  1. Sell it as a freelance service
  2. Sell stock music to create a passive income stream
  3. Create alternate sources of passive income

Two and three on that list sound the same, but they’re not. I’m not ready to explain why right now though. Just know that they’re different.

So what’s the plan?


So far I bought a copy of Ableton Live Suite (EDM Focused DAW) on student discount. I also bought a Udemy course on Music Theory.

The plan is to use those (and maybe some YouTube tutorials) to learn basic EDM production and musical concepts.

With a solid foundation in place, and once I understand Ableton a little bit, then I’ll freelance the skill to see if I can get work.

Once I’m good enough to make music on my own, then I’ll start working on stock music options to see if I can create passive income through marketplace websites like AudioJungle.

The final piece of the puzzle involves creating systems I have more control over and scaling to reach a mass audience with my tunes.

I want all of this to happen within then next 12 months.

Will it happen?

Who knows..

But I’m going to do my best to learn, do and earn with a completely new skill.

I’ll update again when I can.

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