Lex, Did You Have Prior Experience with Freelance Copywriting?

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I have a couple questions. Did you have freelancing experience before a couple of weeks ago? You said your first freelance jobs weren’t copywriting. Are they primarily copywriting now? I ask because I have studied a fair amount of copywriting and would be trying to get copywriting jobs.Did you have copywriting experience (professional or personal) before this past month? How did you determine your price-per-job? Was it based on a personal hourly number, or did you try to price yourself competitively? Thanks for the post. You have a stellar mindset.

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Before I started the only freelance experience I had was from the hiring side. I’ve hired a couple of people on odesk for writing gigs, and a few others for web development. I didn’t have any experience as a freelancer.

I have 10 years of self-study and practice in influence & persuasion, and even persuasive writing, but definitely not copywriting. What’s funny is I never truly understood how to implement a lot of that stuff until switching my focus to other people.

Price Per Job

At first I picked a few jobs that were low pay. I started with transcription because I type fast, and it would be easy to over-deliver. Then my mentor hired me for a small copy job. I did it for $5.00, though it took several hours. Both clients left 5 star feedback.

After that I applied to content writing gigs – writing blog articles for small amounts daily. There’s tons of people looking for content writers, so these are easy to find.

With a few jobs under my belt, I raised my price from $5 to $13/hr. Once I got hired at $13, I moved to $14, then to $15. By now I’d finished taking notes on Cashvertising, and had a couple of small copywriting gigs showing in my profile.

Next I bumped it to $29/hr. It was a big leap, but now I had 5 stars, good test scores, and a strong bio. I’m a native English speaker, which is super important for most copy gigs. Plus I offered what other copywriters won’t – a money-back guarantee.

At $29/hr I booked a semi-full-time gig with an online Canadian sex toy company. I had to try out against a bunch of other people. Luckily, writing erotica and romance short stories for the last year paid off.

So, now I’m their lead copywriter. They hire others to write simple product descriptions, but I write all the stuff that engages customers.

As my hours filled up, I increased my rates. Now It’s sitting at $49/hr, but I can’t even accept that because I don’t have time for any more clients.

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