Promote Your Products to My Freelance Audience

Share your offer to your exact target market through a trusted freelance influencer with millions of views.

Free Product Review

No cost. Just send me your freelance-relevant product and I'll do a full-length video review complete with unboxing that I'll share out to my YouTube audience of around 10k subs.

Price: Free

Subtle Mention

Want to promote your product under the radar? I've been a conversational hypnotherapist for years so I can talk about your product subtly, in a natural way that people won't notice AND with subliminal commands to buy right now.

Price: Starting at $97

Commercial Ad

With this option I'll record a direct commercial ad that plays just after my intro theme to share all of the awesome benefits of your product for freelancers and to help relate your value to get them to buy.

Price: Starting at $497

Got an Affiliate Offer Instead?

If you have an affiliate program where I can earn money from each person I send that buys from you, then we might strike a deal for ongoing promotions. Message me if that's what you're looking for.

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