Defeat the Demons You Don’t Know Exist
Defeat the Demons You Don't Know ExistDon't Let Fear & Ego Make You Their B*tch(Originally posted on TheFastlaneForum)Yo...The mind really[...]
How to Deploy Secret Weapons of NLP Mind Control to Earn Clients Fast
How to Deploy Secret Weapons of NLP Mind Control (Originally posted on TheFastlaneForum)Ever heard of NLP? It stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.Neuro =[...]
Lex, Did You Have Prior Experience with Freelance Copywriting?
Lex, Did You Have Prior Experience with Freelance Copywriting?(Originally posted on TheFastlaneForum)I have a couple questions. Did you have freelancing[...]
Trouble Filling Out Your Upwork Bio?
Trouble Filling Out Your Upwork Bio? (Originally posted on TheFastlaneForum)I'm having some trouble filling out my BIO. For education and experience.[...]
How to Earn $1,000 a Week with No Degree, No Experience, & No Portfolio
How to Earn $1,000 a Week with No Degree, No Feedback & No Portfolio(Originally posted on TheFastlaneForum in 2015)Warning. This[...]
Empty Soul, Lonely Road
EMPTY SOUL, LONELY ROAD​​How long will I travel this lonely road? It’s quiet and cold. Narrow and dark. I walk[...]
Brand Smell
BRAND SMELL​​If your brand had a smell, what would it be?Could you touch it? Taste it? Smell it with words?[...]
World on Fire
WORLD ON FIRE​When you observe everything you begin to notice things. I’ve begun to notice that the world is not[...]
Seven Deadly Sins
SEVEN DEADLY SINSSometimes you hit the keys and words spill from your mouth like sewage from an overflowed toilet. Press[...]
A Silent War Between 3 and 17
A SILENT WAR BETWEEN 3 AND 17​What is this place?Somewhere I haven’t traveled before. A new dark road. Walking a[...]
It Gets Darker The Deeper You Go
IT GETS DARKER THE DEEPER YOU GOYou never know how deep a pit goes until you reach the bottom. Sometimes[...]
Hoot & Swoop
HOOT & SWOOPOnce upon a time there were two owls, Hoot and Swoop. Hoot and Swoop were normal owls. Two[...]
Black Hole
BLACK HOLESome days I get stuck.Sit down. Get shit done. Some point I get sidetracked. A thought. A video. A[...]

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