Rhyming Copywriting


​​​Rhyming copywriting.

Can it be a thing? Is it something special? Is it completely insane? Some of you wonder why I rhyme. I don’t do it all the time. Just sometimes. Copywriting is an art. Rhymes can be art too. Takes a special kind of MADNESS to see it through.


Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. And maybe you wonder when they work and when they don’t.

Mostly you find rhymes in music, kid’s books, commercials, and poetry. But what about general copy? Can rhymes work in sales letters and email campaigns? Do they work for products, or would that cause excessive brain pain?

Theoretically, the answer is always YES. But rhymes don’t carry hearts most of the time.

Actually, it’s not the rhymes that don’t work, it’s the writer. Takes a mentill mind to mash together words and poetry like blood spurts from gaping knife wounds two half inches deep.

This is not for amateurs. It’s not for the sane.

It’s only for psychotic writers who believe they can do anything.

It’s slightly insane.

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