Seven Deadly Sins

Sometimes you hit the keys and words spill from your mouth like sewage from an overflowed toilet. Press the lever and instead of washing down the drain, the water rises and rises and… OH SH*T! GOD SAVE ME! I CAN’T STOP IT!!!!!

But it’s not always so easy to get in the right state of mind. It’s not always so easy to find inspiration for your words. It’s not always so easy to write with passion when you’re writing about paper towels or scotch tape or f*cking pillows! But it can be done…

So where do you find inspiration? Where do you find passion?

Technically it’s all over the place, but I like to look within…because humans are passionate creatures. It’s our nature. Emotions. Feelings. We can’t help it…well, most of us can’t. Those who can usually don’t make good supervillains because they’re too psychotic not to get NABBED BY THE POLICE!!.

But you can look within. Look deep inside yourself. Search the black halls of your darkest emotions. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The emotions you try to hide. The carnal emotions of your human side.


Seven primal emotions driving human action. These are the seven deadly sins and they hold the power to light words on fire like a cigarette flicked into spilled gasoline. The product, the service, the business…

…doesn’t matter.

Target one of these emotions and your words flood with passion faster than cold lungs fill with CO in a garaged sedan on a drunken lonely night. Only difference is one leaves you feeling alive…

Seven Deadly Sins.

Each leads to hidden desires. Taboo thoughts. Feelings we’re “not supposed to feel.” And when you write about those feelings and target those emotions, you breathe life back into your copy.

Of course, you don’t have to do it my way. Do what works for you. But know this, advertising isn’t for pure hearts. Passion can’t live in a world without darkness. It’s one of the reason’s the Devil isn’t dead.

Secretly, deep down inside…we all long for a taste of passion in our lives, and it ascends from the pit of our soul where we hide our inner thoughts and feelings — the place we tell everyone else we’d never go.

Oh, you’ll go there. I promise… You. Will. Go.

And as a supervillain of words, you can rule the world a lot faster when you embrace those dark emotions and use them to form the bedrock of your evil, copywriting empire. But you don’t have to…only if you want to…

How you write is always up to you.

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