The 3 C's and How to Use Them to Get Clients to Respond


That's the number of factors that decide if you get a response.

  • Competence
  • Confidence
  • Comfort

Your proposals have to trigger the client to feel all three.

This is true for every client.

Until the client feels you are competent, they won't feel confident in you and they'll never be comfortable taking the next step with you.

Competence > Confidence > Comfort

In other words, if you blow these, they won't respond to you.

It's that simple.

This is the big picture of proposal writing.

Let's take a closer look at the Three C's:


You show competence when you address fundamental questions the client has. 

Questions like:

  • Does this freelancer understand my needs?

  • Does this freelancer have a solution for my problem?

  • Does this freelancer have experience dealing with situations like mine?

  • Is it likely that this freelancer can help me?

  • Is it likely I will waste money or time if I respond?

Your proposal has to prove you are a competent freelancer. 

When you get it right you'll answer all of the questions above (usually without directly answering any of them). 

This will cause the client to feel like you are a generally competent person.


It means if they give you a task, you can probably figure it out without them having to hold your hand, jump through hoops to communicate with you, or spend unnecessary wads of cash.

If you want to talk about that more, join our free discord chat server.

As you go through this training, I'll show you several ways to prove your competence even without a degree or experience.

Get that part right, and you'll open the client up to the next stage...


Competence is first because you make the first move when you send a proposal. 

You show what makes you competent and, as a result, the client feels more confident in your ability to get the job done right, done well, and done on time.

Clients want freelancers who will:

Get the job done right

Done well

And done on time

When the client feels confident in you as a person, they experience increased feelings of safety and security which helps them to drop their guard. 

With their defenses lowered, a sense of trust can begin to develop.

The more competent you appear, the more confidence will arise, and that confidence will help the client feel like you are probably a safe bet.

In other words, they become confident in you as a freelancer which leads them to feel comfortable moving forward with you.


Trust is how you initiate the birth of your relationship with the client. 

You demonstrate credibility, authority and your worth.

You prove to the client that you are an expert and a professional, and you do this through minute details hidden within your words.

The more effective you are at crafting confidence-instilling proposals, the more trust the client will feel.

Soon those feelings of trust become feelings of comfort.

Then the client feels comfortable enough to take the next step with you.

Now you get a response. 

Make sense?

But how do you actually make the client feel like you are competent so they'll become confident, and ultimately, comfortable responding to you?

Triggering the 3 C'S?

There are tons of ways to trigger the power of the 3 C's - some more advanced than others. 

Right now, you need simple stuff. 

You can't compete in the Tour de France 'til you learn to ride a bike.

So let's start with training wheels - easy things that you can implement to boost your results right now.

The easiest ways to trigger the 3 C's are:    

  • Paying Attention to Detail
  • Grabbing Their Attention Instantly
  • Showing You Care About Them and Their Problems
  • Proving That You Are An Authority
  • Putting Them Into a Deep State of Rapport

Proving your competence, and tapping into the rest of the 3 C's doesn't have to be hard.

We're talking about simple details here...

Here's an example of how I recently used the 3 C's to get an edge over competitors:

Client was looking for a copywriter with "poetic flair" - someone who is "poetically inclined."

So what did I do?

I gave her a poem...

Sure, I could've just said, "yeah I can write poetry." 

But why tell her what I can do when I could just show her with a demonstration on the spot?

The result...

She responded.

And she even told me why she responded - because I was the ONLY one who showed I paid attention and demonstrated "poetic flair."

In other words... competence.

You can also see from her response that she was leaning on the low-end of the confidence spectrum based on my portfolio samples.

It doesn't matter.

She responded.

And because she responded, now we have a two-way communication.

So even though she had a minor road block to hiring me, I could give her more info to INCREASE her confidence so that we could go forward to the next step...

Half the battle is won just by getting a response.

But a response only happens when you demonstrate enough competence to make the client feel confident in your skills and abilities, so that they feel comfortable taking another step with you.

Competence > Confidence > Comfort

Once you have a working process for this, then you will struggle a lot less to get responses.

Finish the rest of this mini-course over the next few days.

Think deeply over what you learn.

Let it sink deep down inside your mind and then get ready to write proposals that can change your freaking life.

See you tomorrow.

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