The BIGGEST Secret to Write Highly-Attractive Upwork Proposals Fast!

You've already learned two very powerful lessons that can boost your proposal responses.

Now I want to share something that will help you get more responses than ever before.

It's a secret that most freelancers overlook.

Something so stupid obvious, that it makes people feel silly when they learn it.

Freelancers do not exist to make money.

Yet, most freelancers approach clients as if they deserve the job by nature of their existence.

The truth is...

You deserve nothing, and when you approach jobs like this, you are ignoring what the client wants.

What does the client want?

Clients hire people to solve problems that they can't solve on their own.

If you want to be a freelancer who gets a lot of proposal responses, then you need to prove that you are that person who can solve their problems.

But how does the client know if you are that person?

Clients determine who they believe can solve their problems based on who demonstrates competence.

So today I want to show you a simple way to demonstrate your competence with my signature proposal approach called, YOU Focus.

What is YOU Focus?

Copy your last 5 proposals into a word processor like Google Docs.

Once you've got the text inside, I want you to go over each proposal and highlight every time you used the words "I," or "my" in the color red

After you finish doing that, go back over each proposal again, and this time, highlight every instance where you used the word "You" in green

Finally, review each proposal and ask yourself, is there more red or more green?

If there is more green, you might be writing YOU Focused proposals already.

But if most of your proposals are filled with red, then it means you spend most of your time talking about yourself, your needs, your wants, your desires, your qualifications, your experience, your education, and a bunch of other stuff that clients do not care about.

YOU Focus is a shift in mindset.

This is about shifting away from a "how do I solve my own problems" mentality, to one where you focus on how you can solve the client's problems.

When you write YOU Focused proposals, you put most of your emphasis on demonstrating that you care about the client, that you want to help them, and on proving that you can help them because you are competent.

YOU Focused Proposals

1. Switch from a "Me Me Me" mindset to "You You You"

2. Should use the words "You" and "Your" way more often than "I," or "My"

3. Entire proposal should focus on the clients problems and their needs

The easiest way to switch the focus of your proposals is to transition from speaking in the first-person perspective to the second-person perspective.

Let's see an example...

First-Person Perspective

I really want to solve this problem because I know I can help.

Second-Person Perspective

You have this problem that you need solved, and you should have it solved by whoever can help you best.

By switching to second-person perspective, you automatically increase your ability to make the client feel like you care about them, and like you are focused on them.

Theory Applied

You need help with copywriting because you struggle to find the right words for your sales page. I'm a sales copywriter who helps people like you find the exact right words to boost your sales.

Writing with a YOU Focus doesn't mean that you can't use the word, "I." 

It just means you should use it less often than the word, "you."

What's more important is that you find ways to show the client that you care about them, and that you are someone who is competent and can help them.

Switching your writing approach up will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

It will help you to instantly look like an expert and avoid looking like an imposter.

How Most Freelancers Write Proposals

YOU Focused proposal writing might seem a little funny when you're new to it, but it very quickly separates you from all of the other freelancers. 

Here is a screenshot from a real job I posted on Upwork...

Applicant 1 - “Hi Dear, This is a simple proecjt to me specially as my style is…….”
Applicant 2 - “Hello, i am a UX designer from Prague, but i also do short SMM video”
Applicant 3 - “Hi Lex, I can create a high quality engaging intro for your YouTube videos. I would love..”
Applicant 4 - “Dear Hiring Manager, For your information, as a Professional Motion Graphic Animator i….”
Applicant 5 - “Hello , I’m Hafiz Vergia, Indonesia-based freelance Motion Designer…”
Applicant 6 - “Hello, I very interested on this job also I interested to know more details…

The first big problem is spelling and grammar. 

If your proposals are filled with poor spelling and grammar, then you won't look as competent to the client as you could.

But if we look beyond the grammatical issues, the REAL problem  is that almost all of these freelancers talked about nothing but themselves.

Most didn't use the word "you" at all.

They're all about "me me me" - my wants, my needs, my qualifications etc.

This is not an anomaly.

99% of proposals that clients get are just like this - filled with errors, and people talking about themselves instead of the client and the client's problems.

You Must Prove You Can Help

Freelance clients are NOT the same as regular 9-5 employers. 

They want competent people who can get jobs done right, done well, and done on time.

They do NOT want someone to do busy work and collect a paycheck.

So what are some ways you can PROVE that you can help each client?

  • Stay focused on the client and their problem
  • Use a proper greeting
  • Repeat their own problem back to them to show you paid attention
  • Only talk about your experience/education if it is relevant
  • Share past success stories whenever possible
  • Ask questions about the project if there is something you need to know
  • Link to relevant samples of your work
  • Proofread and spellcheck

When you make this switch...

Make this one simple mindset shift to where you care about other people...

And actually want to help them...

And show that it isn't just about the money...

Then you are going to get more responses than you ever imagined possible. 

Just like I do...

By the way..

If you haven't seen it yet, I posted a breakdown of a YOU Focused proposal for a job post that I wasn't that qualified for and got a response anyway.

Check that out here...

YOU Focus can change everything in your freelance business.

It can empower you to earn full-time income with part-time work.

But people screw it up all the time. 

They think they’re being YOU Focused because they use the word “you.”

But you can’t skip the part about proving you can help the client. 

You can't skip the part where you show you care, that you paid attention to their job post, and that you are a valuable person worth hiring.

If you don’t care about other people, and if you can’t help them, and if you’re just there for a payday, you won’t make any money at all.

Send proposals to jobs only when you’re confident you can help the client.

Never send proposals just for the sake off numbers.

This is about helping people, and in exchange, making money. 

Help people first, money will follow.

See you in the next lesson!

Lex DeVille

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