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I Will Teach You to Write Copy that Makes You Worth Your Weight in GOLD. 

Pick a focus. Put your money where your mouth is. Be among the best. I will show you how.

Lex DeVille

What am I about to buy?

This is copywriter COACHING. No reason not to call it that. This is not a marketing system or a course. You are about to buy one or more months of direct coaching with me. In exchange, I will personally work with you to make you one of the best copywriters in the world in the focus area you choose.

What do I get when I buy?

1) Four weeks working together on a dedicated copywriting skill area2) Once a week 30 minute coaching calls to answer questions3) Focused weekly exercises to help you get better really fast4) Direct copywriting experience and useful style critiques and feedback

How does it work?

After checkout you’ll pick the focus area you want to work on. Areas I’m currently helping people with include:    1) Direct Response Copywriting    2) Brand Copywriting    3) NLP Copywriting (Return Students Only)    4) Hypnotic Copywriting (Return Students Only)Checkout. Pick your focus area. Answer a few questions. Schedule your on-boarding call. During the call, I’ll ask about your strengths, weaknesses and copywriting goals. We’ll review your experience and progress, and set expectations. Then we’ll pick a start date and get to work. 

Each week you will write copy. At the start of the week I’ll give you detailed exercises to carry out. I’ll also suggest learning resources to help you grow.

Throughout the week you will send me writing in Google Docs. I will give you feedback, suggestions, and advice to help you get better. In past coaching programs my students said the feedback was the most helpful part. It’s because it opens your eyes to silly mistakes you never noticed before. Plus, I’ll show you how to fix them so you don’t do it again.

In addition to critiques and exercises, you’ll also show up for weekly calls. The calls are your chance to ask questions and get answers. We’ll review the work you did during the previous week and set goals for the following week. By the end of the program you should see two to three times improvement in your skill.

Who this is for…

This copywriting intensive is for people who want to improve your copy. I’m happy to chat sales, marketing, client sourcing or even celebrity gossip on our calls, but your training will focus on making you a killer copywriter. If you want to get better at copy, this is for you. If you don’t know what copywriting is, or you don’t want to focus on copy, then this is not for you. Make sense?


• You must write fluent English with competent spelling and grammar• You must seriously want to improve your copywriting• You must be willing to commit to your training for four weeks at a time• You must be ready to accept criticism and direct feedback on your work• You must be financially sound enough to invest in my coaching 

The NOTORIOUS Freelance Copywriter Intensive

Become the killer copywriter you know you’re meant to be.




Student On-boarding

Get Clear About Expectations, Struggles, and How to Go Forward.During your on-boarding call we’ll dive into your copywriting history and experience before talking about your current struggles and goals. We’ll set expectations for the weeks to come and get you ready for the journey ahead. This is your chance to ask questions, and share any info I might need to help you.

ON-BOARDING | 30 Minute Clarity Call 

Training Week I

Show Me What You’ve Got.Your first week is about where you are right now. To help you get better I need to know what I’m working with. This week you’ll write copy based on your current skill level. I’ll review it and give you feedback to help you grow and direct you to learning resources that fit your objectives.

SHOW ME | Reality Check 

Training Week II

Step Off the Old Path and Onto the Chocolate Road of Awesome!In week two the gloves come off. You get more focused. Apply what you learned from week one, and prepare to step up your game. This week’s exercises include one or more customized copywriting tasks, several study tasks, and more feedback to help you learn and grow.

A NEW PATH | Redirect Your Writing 

Training Week III

Aha’s, Breakthroughs and Pirate Arr’s!You’re getting better fast. Your weaknesses are strengths. You’re avoiding instant death newbie mistakes and your words pack a real kick in the ass. This week we’ll add new techniques to your arsenal. You’ll start to bridge the gap between amateur and Goliath. Keep it up, you’re almost done!

GIVE IT UMPH! | Add New Techniques

Training Week IV

CompleteThe Copywriting Crucible!Your coaching concludes with a copywriting challenge where you’ll put everything you’ve learned to the test. I’ll give you my closing thoughts and let you know where you stand. You’ll discover what your copy is worth and price points you should aim for. By the end of this week you will see vast improvements over your former capabilities and you will write better copy than ever before.

THE CRUCIBLE | Time To Prove Yourself

BONUS: Private Mastermind

Join Our Customers-Only Mastermind.We’ve held several mastermind groups between Facebook and Discord over the years. The most interactive and personal are always the customer groups because you’re only around people who actively invest in themselves to get better. In our new mastermind we don’t allow anyone in who isn’t a current or former student, or paying customer. It cuts out the noise and helps you get questions answered fast.

BONUS | Join Other Students

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