Trouble Filling Out Your Upwork Bio?

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I’m having some trouble filling out my BIO. For education and experience. If you’re literally just starting working as a writer. No college degree for it, no experience. What do you recommend to put in the bio? Do you have an example of what a good bio looks like or a reference for one, again with no experience or degree for what you’re offering.

The Grind – Fastlane Forum Member

Hey there,

I’m in the middle of nowhere typing from my phone, so I’ll try to give the best answer I can under the circumstances.

If you want gigs with no degree or experience, you have to figure out what skills and experience you do have. Then figure out how you can use them to meet the client’s needs.

If you’ve never written anything, then you’d better have something else to offer. There’s tons of skills that apply to writing that may not seem to relate at all.

Like, if you type fast then that keeps costs low and helps ensure fast delivery. If you’re good with Google Docs then clients won’t need to spend time teaching you how to format.

You can also offer benefits other freelancers won’t. Sometimes I offer free adjustments or revisions, free reports, and a personal money-back guarantee [as of 2018 I no longer offer money-back guarantees]that extend beyond odesk.

Add the skills you have and show how they help.

But, your profile isn’t the main focus if you really want to pursue this. Probably 80% of landing gigs is your proposal. It has to be custom tailored to the individual client’s needs every single time.

You have to grab their attention in the first line of your cover letter by showing what problem of theirs you solve. Then focus on building a connection by just being yourself.

If they’re not paying much then writing quality isn’t a big deal, just be willing to work hard and learn.

By the way, be sure to ask yourself, can I honestly help this client? Or am I applying because it’s what I want?

It sounds like writing is what you want. Client’s don’t care what you want. Not until you prove you can give them what they want.

If you can’t legitimately deliver what they need, then you should apply to gigs you candeliver on while learning to write on the side.

If you try to go for big fish and learn at their expense, it’s not gonna end well!

Also, I didn’t add any examples because I’m on my phone but also because any example won’t have your personality.It will have theirs and that won’t help you until you learn to connect with people using your personality

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