Upwork Profile Review by Lex DeVille

Upwork Profile Analysis by Lex DeVille

Upwork features my profile as a resource for freelancers. Do they feature yours? If not, then it might be worth it to have me analyze your profile. My suggestions can help you craft a highly-attractive, SEO-friendly, super credible profile that gives clients a reason to want to contact you over other freelancers. Click the button to get started now.

How it works...

After checkout, you'll be redirected to a questionnaire. The questionnaire asks about your services and audience to help me understand what you want to accomplish with your profile.

Along with your questionnaire, you'll send me a link to your Upwork profile. Make sure your profile is set to public so I can view it (you'd be surprised how often freelancers send me private profiles).

Once I have your questionnaire, I'll analyze your profile from top to bottom to help you:

  • Improve your audience targeting + positioning
  • Draw attention to client pains + highlight your solutions
  • Establish relevant credibility + authority
  • Optimize your profile to strengthen it for SEO
  • Pull your profile together for a cohesive brand identity
  • Streamline your bio + make it more actionable
  • Increase your overall attractiveness for clients
  • Attract better clients

If you feel like your profile just isn't very attractive right now, then this is for you.

Strengthen Your Profile

A weak profile doesn't just cost you invitations, it costs you interviews. Clients never just read your proposal. They always look at your profile too. If it looks weak compared to others, they won't message you.

Pull Your Branding Together

If your profile isn't pulled together, then it won't be attractive. If it looks scattered or messy or if the messaging is off even just a little bit, then it will scare clients away.

Stand Out from Other Freelancers

When your profile doesn't stand out compared to other freelancers, then you blend into the crowd. I can help you find ways to completely transform how clients experience your words.

Optimize for SEO

Finally, if your profile isn't optimized for SEO, you'll struggle to rank at the top of search results. SEO isn't an exact science on Upwork, but I spend more time in the #1 ranked position for high-level search terms than I spend not in the #1 position. Plus, I've helped a lot of other freelancers make their way to the first page of search results and upward to that elusive #1 spot.

Invest in Your Success.

When you have me review your profile, you are investing in your success on Upwork. Upwork features my profile as a resource for other freelancers to learn from. Among millions of freelancers, Upwork has identified my profile as one of seven that they recommend as an example of a good profile.

If that's the kind of help you need, click the button to start your Upwork profile analysis.

"He walks his talk and it shows in his presentation... Each major point he makes is given to you in bite-sized chunks that get you thinking and taking action. Lex shares his experience, tips, tricks (and yes, even some secrets) to get you the results you want. "
~ Vern G. | Lex DeVille Student

"Lex is a stunning mixture of analytical, results-driven thinking and creative indie artist. I’ve also taken a $1500 course by another excellent Upwork coach, but what I love about Lex is that he knows how to approach everything from a CREATIVE THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX perspective that many “go by the rules” types will miss out on. He talks about approaches and solutions that I’ve never heard another Upworker talk about... Comparing this to the $1.5K course I took (and am still struggling to pay off), I can confidently say that you can learn everything you need to know here (and probably Lex’s other related courses) in order to totally kill it on Upwork."
~ Haley S. | Lex DeVille Student

"Very thorough... Does exactly what it promises - enables you to create a complete, detailed profile that ranks well. I got what I paid for. Great work!"
~ Philip S. | Udemy Student

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