Lex's High-Performance Upwork Profile Review

Find Out Exactly What You Need to Fix in Your Upwork Profile to Attract Clients, Hold Their Attention, and Get Them to Respond.

When I hire freelancers, I do it in stages...

In stage one, I read all of the proposals. Those that don't suck get put into a 'maybe' pile for further review.

In stage two, I go through all the 'maybes' and this time I click through to their profiles to learn more.

Proposals separate those who might be a match from those who clearly are not, but the profile is where I decide WHO will get a response.

The thing is...

Your profile isn't straight forward...

As a client, I'm looking for indicators that you can do exactly what I need you to do.

I also pay attention for little signs - gut feelings - that send up red flags and tell me you might be a nightmare to work with.

The info in your profile also tells me whether or not you are really worth the prices you want.

When your profile isn't designed well, doesn't have good copy, and makes common mistakes... 

... it slashes your earnings in half.

A $100 per hour freelancer becomes a $50 per hour freelancer, instantly.

That's a big deal. 

Thankfully, I can help you fix that...

Upgrade Your Upwork Profile for Better Results Right Now!

I've reviewed hundreds, if not thousands, of Upwork profiles, and completely transformed lives with a few simple suggestions.

Here's what you'll get when you let me do that for you:

  • Video walkthrough & review of your profile to show you what to fix
  • Suggestions to help you 10X your personal authority and credibility
  • Checklist of items that need your attention
  • Clean up your targeting and help you position yourself for high pay
  • Copywriting suggestions to improve the flow, structure, and style
  • Branding suggestions to help you tighten up the client experience
  • Spelling and grammar check to help you avoid minor errors

Sometimes it's a single change that changes everything.

It's little things that you miss because you're too close to your own profile.

Let me ask you this...

When you think about the results you've had in the past and what you want your freelance business to look like going forward...

Are you on a path toward that?

Do you honestly believe that your profile supports that vision right now?

My profiles attract the kind of clients who pay me 4-5 figures or more per month... do yours?

To land clients like that, every last detail has to be on point.

Even tiny mistakes will cost you the gig.


Because for every gig, there is someone else just as good as you who spent just as much time on their profile (if not more) to guarantee it will tip the scales in their direction if that's what it comes down to.

And it often does come down to that.

Anyway, here's what happened for one freelancer after I reviewed his Upwork profile...

Stefan Popadic

Discord Member

I took Lex service last week to review my UW profile. Anyway. I implemented his feedback, I raise my price on 100$/h and I got 4 invitations in just 2 days. I landed 2 jobs (first job 80$/h, second 100$/h).

And here's what happened for Gabriela:

Gabriela Santos

Facebook Group Member

Hi Lex! Just wanted to thank you, I bought from you the Upwork profile personal review, and you told me to increase the hourly rate, I thought you were crazy and nobody will contact me, well, oh surprise, I'm having more contact requests now. So thank you so much! I really recommend this personal Upwork profile review from Lex!

This is your career...

You should be 110% sure your profile is as strong as it possibly can be.

Anything less simply isn't good enough.

So if you're not absolutely certain that your profile supports your vision to attract, close, and earn 4 to 5-figure per month clients...

Then It's Time to Get My Help...

If you're okay playing the small change game...

If you don't mind low-paying clients who demand too much time and effort in exchange for practically nothing...

If you like sending hundreds of proposals per month and getting nothing but the sound of crickets back for your time...

Then go ahead and skip this.

But if you want to upgrade your profile, improve your authority, branding, copywriting, targeting, and ensure that you give yourself every last edge because you know that owning the edge is how you win this stupid money game...

Then click the link below and let me review your profile now.

(Limited-Time Sale!)

P.S. Some of you will wonder why I didn't talk about SEO optimization as part of the benefits of your Upwork profile review.

Upwork seems to have changed their search algorithm recently, and it isn't clear to me that SEO optimization will bring optimized freelancers to the top of search results on Upwork any longer.

While SEO optimization might help you rise up in search results on Google, I no longer believe it should be a key focus of your profile since Upwork seems to choose who shows up at the top of search based on different factors such as your earnings, JSS, and Top Rated status among other things.

That said, I will mention some of these (and other) aspects in your profile during my video review. So when you're ready to get started, scroll up and click the "Get My Review" button now.

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