Lex DeVille Upwork Proposal Reviews

Upwork Proposal Reviews by Lex DeVille

Struggling to get clients to respond? If you apply to a lot of gigs and never get hired, it means something in your proposals doesn't work. I'll help you figure out exactly what it is just like I've done for thousands of others. Once you fix the problem, you'll get way more responses. If you want to stay broke, don't click the red button...

How it works...

Each week, you will send me up to two proposals/job post to review before you apply. I'll compare your proposals against the job post, and give you feedback about exactly what to change and how to change it.

This will improve your chances to get views, responses, and ultimately, greatly increase the likelihood that you'll secure interviews (which means more chances to get hired).

Why should I do this?

Because not doing this isn't working for you. You need to try something different. Ask yourself... How much money am I leaving on the table by not getting Lex's help?  

I have a proven track record of success not only with my own proposals, but in helping thousands upon thousands of other freelancers to improve their proposal response rates.

"OMG this is such a clever way of approaching a client. Especially for guys like me who feel pressured to know everything and to get it right the first time otherwise I feel like a fraud. This method really takes off the pressure."
~ Greg J. | YouTube Subscriber

"I applied your method of you focus and surprising client with a number and it got me into an interview. This method really works!!"
~ Hassan A. | YouTube Subscriber

"You're looking to improve your proposals in order to gain more clients. You've come to the right place! Lex, the instructor, will teach you how to create excellent proposals for your freelance business! Start now so you can learn these skills to apply to your proposals!"
~ Sarah B. | Udemy Student

This isn't luck or magic.

There are things that I do differently from virtually everyone else. Different approaches to applying depending on the client that can dramatically increase your chances to get responses.

I am not your average freelancer.

Not only have I done this successfully since 2014, I have extensive experience in human behavior and social psychology that gives me a huge advantage over others when it comes to understanding client needs. 

Try it for a month or three.

If you get more responses than you'd get on your own, my service will have paid for itself. If that seems profitable for you, then you can continue to work with me out of the profits you generate each month. Make sense?

All right, moment of truth... 

If you're ready to MASSIVELY upgrade your Upwork proposals, click the button to start right now.

"I've followed his instructions and got results for the first time. His secret tactics are amazing. I highly recommend this..."
~ Asjid K. | Udemy Student

"Touches on tactics and insights that most freelancers and instructors don't even know about and/or understand. Lex has a masterful command of psychology and persuasion. Lex's courses and content never fail to impress me. Thank you for the great education. I highly recommend this...if you're looking to understand the WHY and the HOW behind sending amazing proposals."
~ George | Udemy Student

"Gave me the foundation on how to write great business proposals. It's also applicable to writing cold emails. Will definitely study more so I can boost my response rates. Thanks, Lex!"
~ Michemm D. | Udemy Student

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