Upwork Profile Review

Let's Craft a Killer Profile That Gets Serious Results!

Your profile is the first thing clients see when you apply to gigs. It shows up even before the proposal itself. Don't believe me? Take a look..

That means your profile is more important than ever. Because even if you write the best cover letter you'll still get passed over if your profile looks like crap.

And that's not the only problem.

Profiles that aren't optimized don't show up on the first page of search results. That means you miss out on loads of top-paying clients.


When your profile isn't designed well, doesn't have good copy, and makes common freelance mistakes, it slashes your earnings in half.

A $100 per hour freelancer becomes a $50 per hour freelancer.

That's a big deal. 

I've reviewed a lot of profiles. Ranked numerous freelancers in the top 1-3 positions in search results within days. If you've taken my profile course then you've seen proof.

Here's what Stefan said happened after his review:

Stefan Popadic

Discord Member

I took Lex service last week to review my UW profile. Anyway. I implemented his feedback, I raise my price on 100$/h and I got 4 invitations in just 2 days. I landed 2 jobs (first job 80$/h, second 100$/h).

And here's what happened for Gabriela!

Gabriela Santos

Facebook Group Member

Hi Lex! Just wanted to thank you, I bought from you the Upwork profile personal review, and you told me to increase the hourly rate, I thought you were crazy and nobody will contact me, well, oh surprise, I'm having more contact requests now. So thank you so much! I really recommend this personal Upwork profile review from Lex!

This is your career..

You should be 110% sure your profile is as strong as it can be.

If you're not sure, then get help!

Let me review your profile. I'll go through it line by line an make suggestions to:

  • Clean up your targeting and help position you for high pay
  • Improve the flow, structure and style of your copywriting
  • Get optimized for SEO so you rank higher in search results
  • Point out weaknesses and show you exactly how to fix them
  • Pull your branding together so you look like a real professional

Once it's done you'll have crystal clear, immediately actionable steps to fix your profile and get better results right now. 

If that makes sense for you then get your review now!

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