Upwork Tutorial Day One – How to Get Approved on Upwork 2019

Upwork Tutorial Day One – How to Get Approved on Upwork 2019

Day 1: How to Get Approved on Upwork 2019

The best way to get approved on Upwork is to make it happen on your first try. That isn’t to say all hope is lost if you don’t get it on your first try. Only that your first try is the best chance you’ve got. After that your chances drop.

Today’s guide is based on it being your first try. The idea is to give you the best possible chance to get approved. Do NOT try to get approved before reading this post or watching the video.

To get approved on Upwork you have to give them what they want.

Here’s all the stuff NOT to do:

  • Do NOT list more than one skill in your title
  • Do NOT pick unrelated skill tags
  • Do NOT use a YOU Focused bio
  • Do NOT leave your education and work history blank
  • Do NOT leave any area blank
  • Do NOT price yourself outside of Upwork’s suggested ranges
  • Do NOT submit your profile before you spell check it

Those are the main things that I’ve seen get people rejected.

Now let’s talk about what you SHOULD do.

  • Add a clear, smiling, front-facing head shot image
  • Pick ONE skill and build your profile around that skill
  • Pick a NICHE of that skill to show you’re a professional
  • Write your bio to support your abilities with that skill
  • Write your education to support your abilities with that skill
  • Write your employment history to support your abilities with that skill

Basically you want to build your entire profile around a single niche skill. It doesn’t matter what industry it is in. It could be copywriting, web design, article writing, customer service, whatever.

Your title should reflect that one skill.

Bad Title: Copywriting, blog writer, ebook writer, social media expert
Good Title: Conversion Copywriter

Your overview should back up your ability to do that skill.

Bad Bio:

Hi there! You need a conversion copywriter who can help you get results. You need someone with fast turnaround and quik response. You want to get better goals and get to the next level and that’s what I can help you do.

Good Bio:

Hi there!

I’m a conversion copywriter with a B.A. in Psychology and four years experience. I’ve worked with companies like Eggland’s Best, and Circuit City. As a copywriter I’ve helped clients grow their profits from the thousands into the millions.

I’ve trained as a copywriter in several courses and online workshops, and I work with clients who need direct-response copywriting that gets results. My goal is to help clients improve conversions by working closely together with them and creating value.

If any of that is what you need, message me!

Kind Regards,
Lex DeVille


Hi there!

I’m a [what are you] with a [degree or diploma] and [years of experience]. I’ve worked with [who can you name?]. As a [skill you do] I’ve helped [who you have helped] [how you have helped them].

I’ve [special training you have] and I work with [who you help]. My goal is to help [describe how you will help clients on Upwork].

If any of that is what you need, contact me!

Kind Regards,
[Your Name]

Your bio should be ME Focused. DO talk about your skills and education. Do talk about past clients you’ve worked with and how you’ve helped. You want to show Upwork that you are a credible freelancer who can get the job done right.

Be sure to spell check your overview. Check it for grammar as well. Spelling mistakes are a quick way to get rejected.

Don’t talk about what you want. Don’t use a YOU Focused overview either because that isn’t what Upwork wants from you. They want you to look like a traditional employee and a hard worker.

Education and Work History

Add something to each of these sections, even if it’s a high school diploma or even a GED. Add something to your work history even if you worked at McDonalds. First write it in the title, then give yourself a relevant title.

For education, write a description that supports your ability to do the skill you choose. For example:

B.A. Psychology
As a student of Psychology I have learned to craft conversion-optimized copy infused with psychological techniques and tactics. This helps me move people to action and get them to make decisions fast which helps my clients earn money and get results.

McDonalds Customer Communications Specialist
Working at McDonalds taught me the power of clarity in human communications. Over the last four years I’ve used what I learned while working at McDonalds to transition into the field of conversion copywriting where I applied the same techniques used to sell McGriddles and Apple Turnovers to get my clients results.

The next part is your rates. Set your rates within the guidelines provided by Upwork. They will tell you the range you should be within. For instance, the rates for an Intermediate level freelancer are suggested as between:

$28.00 and $65.50

So pick something within that range. Something like $35.50.

Skill Tags
Be sure all of your skill tags support your skill. If I listed “Conversion Copywriter” then I would want to pick 3-5 skill tags such as:

Bad: Copywriter, SEO, Social Media, Customer Service
Good: Copywriter, Conversion Copywriter, Sales Copywriter, Creative Copywriter

Other Notes:

Your main goal is to create a WHOLE PERSON concept for Upwork. When Upwork’s algorithms or employees see your profile, it should scream I AM A COMPETENT PROFESSIONAL IN THIS SPECIFIC SKILL!

Upwork isn’t looking for Jacks-of-all-trades.

They want people who will get in, get work, get ‘er done, and get paid. Because people who can’t get work and don’t get paid are just freeloaders taking up space on their platform. Remember, Upwork needs you to make money so they make money.

So your job is to show them that you are the kind of person who can do one specific skill, and to prove you can do that skill well.

Beyond that, just be honest. Don’t try to lie or fake your account. Don’t use fake information. Upwork may ask you to verify your identity or other info later on.

If you do shady things, you will likely get rejected. So just be honest, do your best to give them what they want, and if you have questions, reach out.

If you get rejected…

Don’t immediately try again. Wait a few days. Give it some time. You don’t want to appear to be a spammer. So give it one or two days, and then try again with a new profile, a new skill, a new overview etc.

Your homework today is to create your Upwork account following the guidance in this post. Create your account and submit it for approval. Then report back and let us know how it went or if you have any trouble. Do this now!