Upwork Tutorial Day Two – How to Pick Your Profile Title and Tags

Upwork Tutorial Day Two – How to Pick Your Profile Title and Tags

Once you get approved on Upwork, one of the first things you want to do is update your title and tags, unless you plan to perform the skill you got approved with. So that’s what today is about.

Your Title – Keep It Short and Don’t Get Cute…

Do a quick search for most skills and you’ll find endless lists of freelancers who either use some cutesy, long-winded title, or who list every skill under the sun because they’re afraid to miss any opportunity.

The thing is, your title is your first chance to let people know your area of specialty. While you might get work in a variety of areas with a title that lists 20 skills, you won’t get paid highly for any of them, and you won’t get found for the highest-paying skills in search results.

When it comes to titles avoid:

– Cute, clever, and creative titles.
– Listing a bunch of skills

Your goal if you want to make high pay for less work is to look like a specialist, an expert. Experts get paid well. But what does an expert look like?

– They do a single skill very well
– They show up when people search for them

How clients search…

Client’s don’t search for “Web Design Ninja WordPress Elite Plugin Maester.”

They search for, “Web Designer”

Or “Copywriter”

Or “Social Media Manager”

Or “Virtual Assistant”

And when that turns out to be too vague, they search a second time but this time they make it more niche so they find specialized experts. So now they search for:

“WordPress Web Designer”

“Direct Response Copywriter”

“Instagram Manager”

“Financial Virtual Assistant”

So it starts with the high level industry, then it gets niche because it’s hard to decipher who knows there shit in the industry itself. Since we know clients search this way, we can take advantage of it by crafting a title that speaks directly to those search results.

Also, the more niche you go, the less people there are to compete against for search rank.

Look at this screenshot from my latest title update:

Upwork Tutorial - How to Pick Your Profile Title and Tags

It took a couple of days, but I’m ranking for NLP Copywriter. I’m not in the first position yet, but it doesn’t matter, because based ONLY on my title, clients will skip the other people.

They searched for “NLP Copywriting” and my profile shows “NLP Copywriting.”

It’s crystal clear I’m the one…

In fact, it’s so clear, clients won’t even look at the other profiles even though they claim the #1 and #2 spots. It’s like how I could tell you to find as many red items as you can in the room. You can easily look around and pick out red items from all the other colors.

Same thing with your profile.

If you have the exact title the client is searching for, then you will stand out, and you will get clicked, and that means you’re one step closer to an interview.

By the way, this goes for proposals too. Clients will notice a freelancer’s proposal over others when it very closely relates to the skill the client is asking for.

How to Pick Your Upwork Profile Title

– Keep it 4 words or less
– Mention the industry (copywriter, web designer, video producer, narrator)
– Mention the niche (creative copywriter, wordpress web designer, YouTube Video Producer, Audiobook Narrator

Research Your Niche

Niching down will help you rise to the top of search results, but you’ll want to do some research on your niche to make sure people are searching for it. What good is being at the top of search results if nobody is searching for the thing you offer?

Two Ways to Research Your Niche

1) Use Google’s Keyword tool in Adwords to check out monthly search volume
2) Search for your title and see how many gigs are available (and the time between each gig’s posting)

Both of these will help you get a feel for whether or not people want the skill you offer. If you find there’s low volume, then consider another title.

Your Tags – Relevant/Related Not Scattered/Deflated

Your tags are under the SKILLS section.

Pick tags that are very closely related to your title. Make sure all of your tags are closely related to one another. This will make them relevant. The more relevant your tags are, the easier it is to rise in search results.

Even if you plan to offer more than one skill, ONLY target your tags to your title. Have a look at the tags I used to help rank my NLP Copywriter bio:

Upwork Tutorial - How to Pick Your Profile Title and Tags

At first glance they might look separate, like they target unique skills. But all of the tags except one are related to COPYWRITING and the only one that is different is related to NLP. What this does is help Upwork’s algorithms figure out what you do so they can put you in the right place.

So pick tags that are closely related and are relevant to your title.

That’s it for today.

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to write a basic bio that stands out from everyone else.


Your homework today is to determine your high level industry (copywriter, blogger, web designer) and then to research niches within that industry to find one that might be worth pursuing. Once you’ve done that, set your tags around the title you create and make sure the tags are closely related to one another.


The video above talks about the same topic, but I also mentioned some stuff about specialized profiles and how they are affecting my results.

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