​When you observe everything you begin to notice things. I’ve begun to notice that the world is not how I thought it would be. People everywhere have grown weak. Can’t stomach the thought of doing anything on their own — concluding anything on their own. We have no decision makers, only blamers. Nobody to take charge and lead.

New people everyday beg for shortcuts. Faced with the challenges of business or life, they hand over control to those who know that they don’t know what the world could be.

I’m deeply saddened by the state of the world. Not the political state, but the mental. Generations raised for slaughter. What happened to creativity?

Don’t you ever feel like you’re the only one who’s responsible? The only one to take responsibility?

Ask for something. Not what you’re entitled to. The things you paid for. You get excuses for why that person can’t help you. You should call X or try Y, but don’t expect me to go out of my way to help you or do the things you were promised in exchange for your cash outlay.

Everywhere I turn somebody wants something for free. Nobody wants to be helpful or do anything for anyone but “me.” Why pay when they can steal? Why work when they can be lazy? Why wipe their ass when someone else can wipe it for them if they let it get bad enough?

The world is on fire.
I didn’t ignite it.
But I’ll watch it burn.

The thing is, I’m presented with a problem. Do I carry out my days in total isolation? Rest my own success solely upon my shoulders? Of course that’s how it has to be, but socially I’d like to connect and communicate with others striving for the same.

Therein lies the problem…

Those capable of achieving anything are few and far between. They spend their time in isolation, because they know most people are a waste of time.

I like to hope the world will get better, but so far that’s not what I’ve seen. I do what I can to create better worlds. Mostly I feel my efforts are wasted. Perhaps soon they won’t be. A storm is coming. An Army. A Legion…of those who are worthy.

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